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Tissue, Capacity & Workload: Definitions to Optimize Your Results

If you stopped by the chiropractic office recently, you may have heard us utilize some certain keywords when describing exercises or tissue..

Curcumin May Help Prevent or Combat Stomach Cancer, Study Finds

Though few of us know it, the majority of the populace suffers from stomach problems. If low hydrochloric acid levels (which can result in poor digestion, bloating, and skin conditions) isn’t the issue, ulcers or acid buildup (typically caused by stress and poor diet) might be.

We Will Be Closing at 1 P.M. on New Year’s Eve

Happy (almost) New Year! As we count down the days leading up to 2021, our team feels inspired to reflect on everything that has occurred this year.  The change in business ownership Dr. Kyle Buck surviving (and recovering from) a collarbone...

The Dos and Don’ts of Donating Blood

The dos and don’ts of donating blood. Longmont chiropractor explains the proper steps to take care of yourself and others.

How Tissue Adapts Based on Your Daily Lifestyle

Dear reader, If you are performing most athletic or movement-based activities, you use your feet in some manner. Outside of a select few, all sports break down to being able to induce force into the ground and move.  An overwhelming majority of the time this is done...

10+ Gardening Tips That Will Help Save You Money

Spring is just around the corner! If you have a green thumb and aim to grow a variety of plants, you may find this infographic to be helpful. This guide, published by Mint, outlines the most cost-effective plants to grow. Other tips are outlined to save you money this...

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