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“The first thing I noticed about New Leaf Chiropractic was the friendly and professional atmosphere from the front desk to the back of the room. Everyone is geared towards helping you meet your health goals. Dr. Jay went out of his way to make sure that I understood all aspects of the plan from finance to treatment. He explained what could be accomplished and just as important what might be more difficult to achieve. I always felt like I was a participant in meeting our goals. When I expressed concern over issues with balance Dr. Jay did some research and created a video with exercises to improve balance. I would highly recommend New Leaf Chiropractic to anyone. Check them out. You will be glad you did. ”

— Benny M

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For years I had suffered with acid reflux, taking every other the counter and even prescription med with no relief, until Dr Jay performed an adjustment specifically designed to correct this problem. In total astonishment, and to my absolute relief, in one adjustment it is gone! I now sleep through the night without waking up to burning pain and I haven’t had to take any medications since.

Shelley C. 

Adjustments are a Family Event

Health problems prior to Chiropractic: No Specific “problems”. Just the standard wear and tear that come with being a mother of small children and a fairly active person.

What I tried Prior to Chiropractic:Nothing much. Stretching, a little yoga here and there

Special Thoughts and/or Changes in Health Since Receiving Care at New Leaf: I started seeing Dr Jay and Dr Christina when I was pregnant with my second kiddo. The adjustments really helped with pregnancy related aches and pains and helped me have a speedy delivery. Now, three years and another kiddo later I continue to see Dr Jay and Dr Christina on a regular basis, as does my hubby and our three kids. I love that we can make our visits a family event. My kids are completely comfortable in the office and we can see a positive difference after adjustments.

Rachel – Longmont

Remembering What it Feels Like to be Healthy

Health problems prior to Chiropractic: Severe injury to upper and mid back due to skiing accident resulting in constant pain, sleep troubles, breathing troubles, and general stiffness in the neck and back

What I tried Prior to Chiropractic: Massage, Tai Chi

Special Thoughts and/or Changes in Health Since Receiving Care at New Leaf: After being in pain so long, I forgot what it felt like to be healthy and strong and furthermore, had given up on ever remembering or experiencing health again. 8 months of regular chiropractic, meeting all appointments with diligence, all my expectations for recovery have been met and surpassed. I feel like 8 years have been taken off my age and nothing is left to stop my goals in life from being swiftly and exactly achieved. All I can say is Wow and Thank you! Any advice would be to consider chiropractic as a primary treatment for stress and physical injury and to be thorough in meeting all appointments and timelines. You will be amazed!

Kevin – Longmont

Slowed an Aging Body

Health problems prior to Chiropractic: Subluxation/chronic stress that was aging my body faster than I cared for. Neck and shoulder pain

What I tried Prior to Chiropractic: yoga/massage. Both were helpful, but I needed more

Special Thoughts and/or Changes in Health Since Receiving Care at New Leaf: Coming to Dr Jay and Dr Christina is definitely one of the best things I have ever done for myself. I feel 100% better! Their approach to chiropractic care is holistic, treating body, mind and spirit. Not only have they changed my physical well being, they have prompted me to make changes in my professional life as well and eliminate the chronic stress of a life as a CPA. Thank you! My husband is now coming in too and has seen much improvement in his back pain.

Sheryl  – Longmont

Unexpected Benefits of Chiropractic

Health problems prior to Chiropractic: Neck Pain, left arm tingling

What I tried Prior to Chiropractic: Massage, stretching: both helped temporarily

Special Thoughts and/or Changes in Health Since Receiving Care at New Leaf: Neck pain is gone. Tingles are gone! Best of all, and most unexpected, was the overall boost to my immune system. I work in a germ factory (aka preschool) and colds and flus etc were a normal part of winter (at least 2-3 colds a season). During the past 3 years since starting chiropractic care with Drs. Breitlow, I have experienced only 1 cold! I feel great, have tons of energy and totally appreciate the care I receive at New Leaf.

Christina – Longmont

Penny talks about how chiropractic has helped her ability to walk up stairs.

Helped My Child Immeasurably

This picture was taken about a week after being in his 3rd car accident in 3 months. That week was one of my worst, most miserable experiences as a mother in 18 years. He suffered a ruptured ear drum while we were out of town and unable to come into the office right away. It was 5 days straight of chronic crying, no sleep, and tremendous stress being with him suffering and being unable to relieve his pain with conventional methods. The emergency room doctor refused to examine him because his level of discomfort and distress made him “too uncooperative”. I felt helpless and terrified, especially worried his hearing would be permanently damaged. This picture is the immediate result of the care Dr. Jay and Dr. Christina gave him.

Eventually I will forget the tragedy that Mother’s Day was, but I will never forget the gratitude I feel for everyone at New Leaf Chiropractic.  I’ve had many experiences with doctors and their staff during my life personally, and professionally as a consultant in the healthcare field, some negative that left me mistrustful. Dr. J & C have always far surpassed the positive experiences and helped me trust doctors again. I’ve also never encountered an office manager like Rebecca whose pleasant voice and smile always welcomes us and whose knowledge and efficient organization relieves paperwork stress. The level of compassion, experience, dedication, and genuine caring given to my child and family will always hold a special place in my heart.

To everyone at New Leaf, I express my deep gratitude and say THANK YOU because we wouldn’t be where we are today, almost a year later, where he is this happy, radiant child all the time.

May you all always be blessed with witnessing the miracles you create in this world!

– Samantha

I Can Enjoy Life  Again

Health Problems prior to Chiropractic: Pain in neck, shoulders, lower back and hips, overall stiffness in joints, pain in fingers, feeling like an “Old Man” before my time.

What I tried prior to Chiropractic: doctors, pills, massage, exercise, physical therapy, heat and cold pads

Special Thoughts and/or changes in health received via the care at our office: All of the areas above have improved significantly. In turn this has affected my emotional and attitudinal view of myself and my life. I walk straighter and my wife has said she can see an improvement. Dr. Jay explained clearly what he diagnosed as my condition and recommended treatment. I am grateful to Dr. Jay and all of the people at New Leaf. I can enjoy life once again.

– T.R., Longmont

School and Social Life – Huge Improvements

Health Problems prior to Chiropractic: Headaches, migraines,  & concentration issues.

What I tried prior to Chiropractic: Spinal taps, every migraine medicine the Colorado had, Chinese herbal medicine, and other chiropractors who used different methods

Special Thoughts and/or changes in health received via the care at our office: Before coming in, I was only able to  sit in front of a computer, not being able to do anything else, and  missing school from migraines and other pains. After about a month, I was back to school almost everyday. I went from a 2.6 GPA to a 3.1 by the end of the year. I also now have the energy to work during the summer, go on family trips and hang out with friends more often. Almost weekly something happens that I wouldn’t have even considered before care with Dr, Jay and Dr. Christina.

– Devin, Longmont

Benefited My Family A Lot

We were so very glad to have Dr Jay and Chiropractic here in Ghana and it benefited my family a lot! It all started with my mom who couldn’t walk straight – she bends forward as she walks and it was with such pain; we used all type of medicine we knew of until someone introduced us to a Dr Jay. We were amazed to see my mom straightening and walking now without pains – she is a brand new woman by God’s grace. I thank God for bringing Chiropractic and Dr. Jay to Ghana, as we are looking (more) healthy and feeling better than ever before. I recommend everyone should go in for a chiropractic adjustment.

– Mavis Broni, Accra, Ghana

No More Arthritis Medicines

Health Problems prior to Chiropractic: Arthritis in sternum, numbness in left arm/leg/face, fatigue, insomnia, pain in neck/shoulders/hip/knee, and anxiety issues

What I tried prior to Chiropractic: Rheumatologist, lots of pain meds everyday for inflammation for 15 months, routine mild exercises, sleeping meds/tylenol for pain

Special Thoughts and/or changes in health received via the care at our office: I was never a big fan of this type of treatment but I hated taking so many meds for inflammation. I was taking so many that I had to have blood work done ever 8-12 weeks to check that my liver and kidneys were ok. Plus I had to take stomach meds to protect fom that other stuff. The arthritis pain was gone, but only when I took the meds daily.

I have now become a big believer in chiropractic care! Now I have no more numbness, I sleep through the night (and longer), neck/shoulder pain is almost nonexistent, as is the hip pain. The BEST part is that I’ve been off ALL meds now for 12 weeks! I feel great and have more energy as well. Thank you, New Leaf!

– Becki, Longmont

I got my limbs back!!

Health Problems prior to Chiropractic: Burning and tingling in feet, severe back pain, no feeling in feet and lower legs

What I tried prior to Chiropractic: Pain pills, prescriptions for leg issues, chiropractic at different chiropractor 10 years ago

Special Thoughts and/or changes in health received via the care at our office: After my first adjustment, the burning, tingling sensation was gone. Yes it came back for a short time. With time (less than 2 months) it is virtually gone. The back pain also has left. Dr. Christina and Dr. Jay have, through adjusting my spine, given me freedom of movement, ability to work in my yard and overall health. I feel like a new person because of them. No more numbness in my feet and legs, no more burning, tingling feeling in my feet. Thank you Dr. Christina and Dr. Jay!

– Clara,  Longmont

Helped Me Reach My Running Goals

Health Problems prior to Chiropractic: Migraines, Knee issues due to ACL reconstruction

What I tried prior to Chiropractic:I have been under chiropractic care on and off for 15 years. (However, the approach at New Leaf has been a much better fit for what my body needs.) I also tried acupuncture, physical therapy, over the counter pain medications)

Special Thoughts and/or changes in health received via the care at our office: Since coming to New Leaf the frequency and intensity of my migraines have both decreased. Instead of taking 4 ibuprofen at a tine to manage the pain and have a normal, functions day, I can get by on 2 tylenol. This is a HUGE improvement!! Also, I have been recovering from ACL surgery for almost a year. Having Dr. Jay work on my knee has helped me reach my running goals. It is finally pain free to run.

– Jolene, Longmont

Heartburn Eliminated

Health Problems prior to Chiropractic: Narcoleptic, trouble getting up each day, foot and ankle pain, heartburn

What I tried prior to Chiropractic: I’d resigned myself to everything being part of normal life. In fact, I just came in for an evaluation without a specific complaint.

Special Thoughts and/or changes in health received via the care at our office: My energy is WAY up! Foot pain went away on my first adjustment and never came back. I fully eliminated my heartburn as well. It’s simply amazing for me to feel rested and able to get going and be energized in the morning. Thank you so much for helping me hit the Rest button with my health!

– Amy, Longmont

Express My Joy

I Just can’t express my joy for the very first time I experienced what chiropractic is all about. It is indeed a real heart felt experience. When I had the chance to experience my first adjustment it was the first in my lifetime I was exposed to new ideas and new ways of healing ourselves. Dr Jay and Dr Chrstina have given me my quata (time and energy) back; my life and yours, will never be the same. Our whole village really appreciates your time and your commitment to help the average Ghanaian RESTORE LIFE and we wish the best. Thanks a million!!

– Mary Sarfo Fremah, Kumasi, Ghana