By Mandy Froelich / New Leaf Chiropractic

There are many tell-tale signs it’s time to enhance your wellbeing by scheduling your next chiropractic treatment. At New Leaf Chiropractic, you can expect world-class care from all of our chiropractic and sports rehabilitation doctors. If any of the following relate to you, consider scheduling your next appointment or your new patient examination by calling 303-776-6767.

Do any of the following apply to you?

  1. You’ve Been Sedentary
    Did you know? The average adolescent American spends over 8 hours per day sitting. Adults typically spend 6 ½ hours on their rumps. Being sedentary for long periods of time isn’t healthy, nor does it support proper posture.
    Over time, bad posture can put unnecessary pressure on the spine and shoulders. Having bad posture can cause misalignments, swelling, and overall painful conditions. Seeing a chiropractor who specializes in sports rehabilitation can help.

  2. You Experience Unexplained Headaches
    A headache now and again is normal. However, recurring headaches can pose a major challenge when trying to live your life. Because headaches can be a side-effect of the neck and should pain, a chiropractor may be able to help you get realigned and, as a result, assist in pain alleviation.

  3. You Experience Stiffness in the Neck or Joints
    In middle and high school, it was easy to stay active. But as adults, fewer and fewer of us seem to regularly exercise. A lack of activity and flexibility can result in a poor range of motion, as well as stiffness in the neck or joints. When you receive regular chiropractic adjustments, it becomes much easier to move without aches and pains – as well as work toward becoming more active.

  4. Your Shoes Wear Unevenly
    When is the last time you looked at the soles of your shoes? Do yourself a favor and go – take a peek! If one shoe loses bounce and traction before the other, it is possible your spine is misaligned, resulting in one side of your body receiving more pressure than the other. See a chiropractor to get straightened out.

  5. New and/or Sharp Leg Pain
    Have you ever experienced a sudden onset of sharp, shooting leg pain? That could be a really clear sign it’s time to see a chiropractor.
    Pain that shoots up the back of your legs can be contributed to a problem in the spine – such as a pinched nerve. Schedule a treatment with one of the doctors at New Leaf Chiropractic to determine the root cause of your pain and inflammation.

  6. You Were Recently in a Car Accident
    Traveling in a car and being in an accident can result in a lot of damage. Following a trip to the Emergency Room, you should book your appointment at New Leaf Chiropractic. If your car insurance policy contains a medical payment benefit, your treatments will likely be 100% covered so you can receive the care you need. Even if your accident was years ago, working with a chiropractor could help alleviate pain and suffering. Learn more about motor vehicle accidents and MedPay.

  7.  You Suffer from Chronic Back Pain
    If you regularly suffer from back pain, seeing a chiropractor could be a huge help. Whether from strain, over-use, or a lack of exercises that promote mobility, for the most part, back pain can improve. Imagine – being pain-free and mobile! Learn more by scheduling your intake appointment today.

  8. You Participate in Sports or Physical Activities
    Chiropractic and sports rehabilitation beautifully complement regular fitness. Regular “wear and tear,” bad form, and/or lifting heavy weights that put unnecessary strain on your back and joints can impede your progress. However, when you work with our world-class physicians, who regularly treat and work with Olympic-qualifying athletes, you’ll see gains in more areas than one.
  9. You Experience Muscle & Joint Pain
    After working out, it is normal to experience some inflammation. However, if your pain is more than just discomfort, consider visiting your friendly chiropractor to have it assessed. Sometimes, joints and muscles can flare up from misalignment in the body.
  10. You Have a Deep Desire to Feel Better
    If you want a functional and healthy body that can last for decades, then eating healthily and receiving regular treatments is key. You might be surprised just how good you feel after a treatment with one of our attentive physicians.

Is it time to schedule your next treatment?

There are numerous reasons to schedule your next visit today. Some of these are the more common ones. If any apply to you, consider scheduling your next treatment and/or becoming a new patient. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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