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Longmont Chiropractor Dr Jay Breitlow uses the latest whiplash treatment in his office at New Leaf Chiropractic.  To get started today, call 303-776-6767

HOW? Why Chiropractic for car accident?

The cervical spine is designed to provide structural and stability as well as to support for the skull.  The C-spine, also works to protect the spinal cord and brain stem. Nowhere in the body is the relationship between the bones and the surrounding nerve endings, as well as the soft tissue surrounding them, as intimate or susceptible to injury as it is here.

Are the injuries you sustained in the car accident creating misalignments in your spine called subluxations?  If they are subluxations/whiplash they can manifest throughout the motor, sensory, and autonomic nervous systems.  This means you might have problems sleeping, numbness and tingling in the arms or even muscle weakness!  Yikes!

It’s hard to believe that at slow speeds, even speeds less than 5 MPH, your body may become injured.  

Researcher folks recently conducted low speed rear impact tests and concluded that 29% of people developed symptoms related to whiplash at speeds of just 2.5mph. Furthermore, it has been shown that a 10mph rear-end collision can produce up to 9 G’s of force in your neck! This means that the speed of the collision does not correlate to the degree of injury your body may sustain.

The appropriate chiropractic treatment is unique to each whiplash injury and this is why we perform a detailed for every patient.  The sooner you get checked after an accident, the smoother and quicker the recovery will be.

More Than One Million People Suffer Whiplash Injuries Each Year, And About 10% Of Those End Up With Chronic Pain That Affects Their Daily Activities.  But This Doesn’t Have To Be Your Reality!

If you or someone you know is suffering from pain related to an auto accident, get it checked out by a professional. You don’t deserve to be in chronic pain.

Each year, the affects of car accidents take a toll on more than two million people in the USA. Whiplash can be one many side affect of car accidents.  Don’t overlook the symptoms! Did you know that it can take 10 years from the time an accident occurred before the human being actually feels the pain and becomes symptomatic?

If you are in a car accident you should immediately be checked by a local Longmont Chiropractor, ideally the docs at New Leaf, for whiplash as well as other injuries. Call us today at 303-776-6767!


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