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Chiropractic Treatments

Receive a one-on-one treatment with the provider of your choice to determine the root cause of illness, improve motion and function, and decrease pain. 

Applied Kinesiology

Experience a lighter touch with chiropractic and applied kinesiology (AK). Dr. Amber Buck utilizes the full, systematic approach to lessen pain, increase motion, and balance the body physically and mentally, with emphasis on muscle testing.

Sports Rehabilitation

The combination of sports rehabilitation and chiropractic results in patients requiring fewer visits over time. Athletes of all levels benefit from working with Dr. Ben Buck and Dr. Kyle Buck who specialize in sports rehabilitation and chiropractic.

Instruction & Support

We seek to both support and empower practice members. Our patients receive at-home instruction for exercises that can improve mobility and reduce pain. Access instructional videos in the Exercises tab for a refresher.

It is never too late to turn over a new leaf of health. 


New Leaf Chiropractic clinic is nestled in Longmont, Colorado and serves the surrounding areas. Our providers specialize in sports rehabilitation, chiropractic, applied kinesiology (muscle testing), and NET. Get the healing you need and deserve today!

“Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease.”


Jumpstart Your Wellness

Improve stability and mobility, increase flexibility, improve longevity, and reduce pain with natural but proven techniques. Your comfort and health are our priority. 

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Accountability is key on the path to wellness.

"I am writing to update my experience with New Leaf. The transition from our Drs. Breitlow to the Drs. Buck has been a smooth one. Dr. Ben has kept me moving and has fine tuned my treatment just as I had hoped. In this world of great change, Drs. Ben, Amber and Kyle provide an environment and skill sets that are the best! So grateful!!!"

– Jane C.

“I have been a client of New Leaf Chiropractic for quite a while. I was one of their earliest clients...Number 39. I believe they are over 4,000! There are new owners, Ben and Kyle. These 2 Doctors of Chiropractic are extremely well schooled and competent. They have provided me the same level of service as the previous owners, Jay and Christina. If anyone asks me if I know a good Chiropractor, I will recommend these two fine young gentlemen without hesitation!”

– Gary C.

“I have been so happy with my chiropractic care from Dr. Ben. His extensive work with Olympic athletes really shows. He is very highly skilled and has a refreshing philosophy of human movement, tissue healing, and chronic pain. His adjustments are targeted and gentle which can only come from extensive experience. He prescribes very effective individual exercises to compliment his care, which is part of why his chiropractic adjustments are so effective. I had been struggling with lower back pain for over 10 years, and with his help, after 9 visits, my pain level has almost diminished completely. I can't thank Dr. Ben and his staff enough for their care and for helping me to be able to ride my mountain bike pain free!.”

– April G., ND

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